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Branding & Marketing

  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Event Management
  • Crisis Communications
  • Media Monitoring
  • Financial & Investors Relations

Media Relations

  • Media Relations
  • Public affairs and Government Relations
  • Media Audit
  • Internal Communications


  • (English) Media Training
  • (English) Intellect Thinking for Leaders
  • Media Training


  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Community Relations

Branding & Marketing

Marketing Public Relations

Successful marketing initiatives rely on effective, integrated public relations and advertising solutions.

DC Consultants adds values to your marketing and branding programmes by creating a powerful message delivered through your executives and the media, and directly to your target consumers. We help to market existing products, and are equally adept at launching new ones, from ice cream and food retail to IT and financial products.

Through our close involvement in building marketing strategies, we serve our clients in B2C and B2B communications with publications, media work, advertorials, product events, roadshows and sponsorship management.

Event Management

Special events enable organisations to communicate directly with customers and staff.

DC Consultants team members bring a wealth of individual talent and experience to event conceptualization, organization, project management, cost control, design and production.

By partnering with well equipped hotels, event halls and reliable organizers, we are geared to manage a full array of corporate events: high-profile multi-media events, conferences, product launches seminars, workshops, round-table discussions, specific industry events, promotional events, exclusive receptions and corporate entertainment events.

Crisis Communications

Thorough preparation ensures the best protection for your reputation.

DC Consultants’ team of specialists will assist you in preventing and preparing for potential crises from different directions. We have the range of skills and knowledge to provide comprehensive crisis management that goes beyond simply managing the media.

Our crisis management team will help you anticipate the areas of crisis that might face you, introduce processes to identify and handle possible incidents, coach spokespersons, rehearse the crisis management plan, and ensure that your organisational culture allows for early warning of potential problems.

At a time of crisis – negative media coverage, an industrial accident, financial difficulties, or social conflicts – we will advise and coach while providing appropriate solutions and resources at short notice.

Media Monitoring

Keeping up to date with daily news and events ensures rapid identification and management of communication issues of the day.

DC Consultants operates a comprehensive media monitoring and clippings service. Clients receive daily reports that include translated summaries plus a detailed monthly summary and analysis.

The service incorporates two distinct values:

Monitoring to provide swift access to local and international media coverage. Highly-trained staff summarise and deliver relevant media coverage according to client requirements and deadlines in both digital and hard copy formats.

Financial & Investor Relations

The investment community demands accurate, timely, and transparent information.

With their financial and media expertise, our investor relations specialists serve public companies by taking care of their financial communication in the capital market.

For clear information distribution, we work closely with client project teams in first-round and expansion phases of mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, IPOs, executive positioning, ongoing investor relations and statutory communications.

Media Relations

Media Relations

Establishing good relationship with the media is an essential element in PR strategies.

DC Consultants assists you in you building relationships with the core media – newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV networks – in all levels segments and at all levels from reporters and columnists to media owners and media associations, to ensure that your messages are communicated to the right target audience.

By arranging press meetings and media trips both locally and internationally, we can introduce you to journalists at the right time so that your reputation is established before relevant news breaks. We also offer guidance on generating news, managing media interviews and following up press coverage.

By targetting the most appropriate media for a client’s specific needs and supplying the media with candid, tailored and newsworthy information, we have developed an excellent relationship with the media in Thailand, and have an in-house Media Relations Department working closely with the media on a daily basis.

Public Affairs & Government Relations

Public policies and government decisions pose both challenges and opportunities for your organization.

In the field of public affairs and government relations, DC Consultants advises clients on government policy and regulatory changes that may affect their business operations. Through partnerships with government agencies as well as influential institutions, our public affairs specialists will help you to transparently develop relationships with decision-makers, regulators and legislators.

We can also raise issue awareness among influencers who guide political decision-making through political analysis and lobbying at different levels of government, whether elected and appointed.

Media Audit

An audit of target customers and media opportunities will push your communications to the next level

The goal of a communications audit is to identify the way in which an organisation interacts with its key audiences, its customers, employees and the media. Audience surveys cover qualitative data points such as socio-economic characteristics, life styles, business decision makers, retail shopping habits, travel history, supermarket shopping, food and drink consumption, brands purchased, credit cards used and other characteristics important to local media and advertisers. Once the information is researched, recommendations and strategies for enhancing communications are presented.

Who needs a communications audit?

If your company is dissatisfied with a media relations program and want to re-focus corporate initiatives, have trouble finding the time to keep employees informed, or suffer from poor visibility of products/services, then you might consider a review of your communications.

Internal Communications

Internal communications is a valuable management tool.

DC Consultants provide communications solutions for today and tomorrow in the areas of strategic positioning, vision development, change-process support, employee and shareholder relations, and building/modifying corporate identity and cultures.

Our consultants work with clients to convey facts, impart knowledge and insight, stimulate motivation, inspire innovation, boost performance and encourage team spirit by means of working with in-house communication teams to develop effective tools and strategies for success.


Media Training

The press, radio and television present enormous opportunities to deliver your message to the right audience. If you don’t take advantage of them, your rivals surely will.

DC Consultants tailors professional media training programmes to the specific needs of individual clients. With training by our executives and by journalists, in small groups or one-on-one, senior executives will develop potent delivery skills to guarantee that the right audience gets the right message.

With our advice and support, clients will learn how to apply and deliver their message with accuracy, relevance and in the appropriate tone, thus preventing costly miscommunication and time-wasting gaps in understanding. They are given a plenty of practical experience as well as advice on what will and will not interest journalists; how to deal with difficult questions; and the essential questions they should ask before agreeing to any TV or radio interview.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a central pillar of today’s business ethics.

To be profitable in the long term while living in harmony with local communities, CSR programmes of private and public organisations must be strategically designed. The experienced team at DC Consultants provide practical CSR solutions that will fit your organisation and help it to adopt the most effective approaches.

Our result-driven CSR solutions include:

Assessing your organisation’s actual CSR situation and providing clear guidelines for the next steps;
Setting strategic goals, plan and implementing socially responsible projects;
Measuring the effectiveness of your CSR activities;
Preparing CSR reports and presentations for your marketing and PR activities;
Training your staff at all levels in CSR, and assisting your organization to devise an appropriate set of values concerned with social responsibility
Communicating between communities, institutions and the media to ensure acknowledgement of and support for your activities.

Community Relations

A positive role in the community is a critical element in long-term credibility.

Whenever there is a disruption to the life of a community, whether it is a local dispute, an ethnic conflict or some form of civil disorder, a competent mediator with effective communication skills can be instrumental in lowering tension, preventing violence and paving the way to mutual understanding.

DC Consultants advises clients and assists them in planning and implementing effective communication programmes that will help to build confidence among communities and manage issues with timely understanding. They are designed to foster mutual understanding and agreement among local authorities, public and private organizations and community groups at specific times and places of tension or conflict.

We advise clients on identifying the needs of the communities where their plants operate, and meet with them to build long-term goodwill and relationships with the local people and local government.

In most cases, the means of communication would range from direct mail to group meetings, and from pamphlets to advertising in local publications.